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The Choice for Video Production in Melbourne

Video Production Services

At Creativa, we aim to be proud of every video we produce, not only for outstanding production quality but for achieving your objectives while providing a superior end to end service.

Since Creativa’s conception, we have produced 2,000+ animated videos, corporate videos, training videos, web videos and more to our happy list of satisfied clients.

What types of video production do we do?

We keep our resources in-house and boast an extraordinary team of talented Directors, Producers, Script Writers, Cameramen, Editors, Animators and Marketers giving us a huge pool of talent and experience to draw from.

Corporate Video Production:

Why are we the best choice?

When your company decides to produce a corporate video it needs to meet an objective and it needs to grab viewer’s attention. You don’t want a video that looks the same as everyone else’s and you don’t want to be held back by limited production capabilities. Creativa have a unique approach to the production process that ensures great videos which exceed your expectations every time!

Animation Studio:

What makes us win awards?

Creativa hold multiple industry awards for video production, one of those we are most proud of is for our animation. Creativa’s talented team of animators specialise in producing great animations for business and training purposes in the most appropriate style: scribe or sketch animation, cartoons, kinetic text animation, stop motion animation and 3D animation.

Web Video Production:

Why are we different?

Not only is our studio and technical equipment specially designed to optimise your videos for web, we have in-house online marketers ready to assist in building your online video marketing strategy to help maximise views and engagement through YouTube and your other online assets.

Training Video Production:

Educate, entertain & inspire

One thing about training, HR and OH&S videos we all know is they can be dry and boring. We know that a boring video is not going to be as effective as a punchy, fun video that sends its message using a touch of humour and some light special effects. With your training video we take the time to develop your messages and concepts in to an educational, memorable and innovative video.

Web video production